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Commissary Earthquake Damage Repairs 
China Lake (NAWS)
Pass & ID Bldg. 01487
China Lake (NAWS)
N6247319D1220, Delivery Order No. N6247320F4773
Upgrades to Bldg. 01041 
N6247319D1220, Delivery Order No. N627320F4692 
Mulligan's Grill - Take 5
China Lake (NAWS)
Hall Memorial Bowling Center

China Lake (NAWS)


Dust Suppressant Treatment Wash Road

Bereau of Land Managemant


Calexico East Land Port of Entry

J. Davis Management

US General Service Administtration


Construct ADA Wooden Ramp

MICC Fort-Irwin Contracting Command


Sonic Splash Pool Bldg 5212 (EAFB) 

Edwards Air Force Base


Jawbone Canyon Parking Lot Slurry Seal

BLM  Cantil CA.


M-Wrap Shade

National Training Center Fort Irwin


Repair Traffic Control Devices

Fort Irwin, Ca.

Contract: W9124B-18-C-0001 

Tess Shade Structure

Fort Irwin

Contract # PO 002922

Flag Conference Medal of Honor
Naval Special Warfare Command

Coronado, Ca.

CONTRACT NO. H92240-15-P-0322

Construction of Modular Building

Prime Contractor: Technology and Supply Management (TaSM): 

China Lake (NAWS) Project Date: Summmer 2014

Portable Metal Buildings

Prime Contractor: Technology and Supply Management (TaSM): 

China Lake (NAWS) Project Date: Winter 2014

ABR - Ridgecrest Admin. Bldg.
Automated Doors: 

Ridgecrest, Ca (County of Kern)

Fire Department Fleet Building Re-roof: 

Ridgecrest, Ca (County of Kern)

Renovation Single Family Housing:

Los Angeles (RNLA/LAHD)

Light House for The Blind: 

Fort Irwin National Training Center

Architectural Barrier Automated Doors: 

Kern County (Inyokern-Rosamond)

Bay 4 Security Upgrades: 

China Lake (NAWS)

Bldg. 0001 Landscape
Grounds Improvement: 

China Lake (NAWS)

Various Tenant Improvement

Private Work

Ridgecrest, CA

DUNS No. 963582452